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About company


Our company REMBEK Sp. z o.o. is in the market since 1990.

Industrial plant in Bielawy with personnel and objects has also taken over experience and tradition of 30 years in: realization of investment works, repairing, chemical industry modernization and building materials.

We dispose terrain of 2 ha with administration and social buildings, machining service station and two production halls with 2700m2 and 540 m2 surface. These halls has essential machines and devices for steel construction productions, containers, elements of machines and industry devices, including loose material conveyors and dust collection plant.

With our invitation for cooperation with us we assure that our experience and professional personnel of workers guarantee the highest quality of services, which we provide. It is confirmed by references, short deadlines of investment work realizations and competitive prices.

We offer wide scope of production services,
high quality of our work and competitive prices
with possibility of negotiations.

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