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REMBEK Spółka z o.o.

We offer our services in building, modernization and repairs of industrial institutions, processing line and so on. We deal with realization and the assembly of steel constructions. We execute the repairs as well as regenerations of technological devices in cement, paper, wood and chemical industry. We execute complex realization of investment.
Also we provide crane service, we possess telescopic, self - propelled crane with maximum lifting capacity 350 tone.
Our company is specialized in range of repairs, building and modernization of following objects:

  • devices and industry installations,
  • of rotary furnace with replacement of bearing furnace’s pads, rings, support rolls and power transmission,
  • bag filters and electrofilters,
  • of tube mills, ball- and- bawl, tumbling mills, etc
  • of grate and planetary coolingbed,
  • of overhead traveller
  • of rotary and shaft furnace linning from refractories.
Industrial plant ensures:
  • high qualified personnel of specialists in leading of these kind of work,
  • protection of our own equipment necessary for repairs
  • own specialized equipment to the above mentioned works


We look forward to establishing cooperation in the offered works.

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